Stand with Migrants – Contact your MP

The Turnbull Government's latest attack on our communities could see thousands of migrants forced to take additional, costly and unnecessary English language tests before being able to become permanent residents.

It's the latest in a long list of announcements targeting migrant communities by a Government desperate to appeal to Pauline Hanson voters. It's an alarming pattern — and one that threatens to weaken migrant rights in Australia.

With politicians back in Canberra, the Turnbull Government could push these cruel and unnecessary changes through as early as next week.

This government is hoping our communities will stay silent – but we will not be ignored.

If thousands of us contact our MPs we can call on our Parliament to reject the Coalition's pandering to Hanson's voters and vote down proposals that discriminate against migrants.

Will you email your MP and ask them to support migrant Australia and oppose these changes?

+ What do I write in my email?

Introduce yourself –tell them you are part of their electorate, and what community group you identify with.

Include the official titles of the legislation we want them to oppose:

  • Australian Citizenship Legislation Amendment (Strengthening the Requirements for Australian Citizenship and Other Measures) Bill 2017
  • Social Services Legislation Amendment (Encouraging Self-Sufficiency for Newly Arrived Migrants) Bill 2018

Reasons you could give about why you’re concerned:

  • These bills unfairly target migrants from a non-English speaking background
  • These changes will create a permanent underclass of migrant workers, denied equal rights as permanent residents, and as citizens.
  • There has been no evidence, and a clear lack of community consultation supporting these changes
  • Many of our families traveled to Australia to build a better life. Regardless of how good their grammar was, they worked hard and contributed to this proud multicultural community. We should be supported – not targeted.

+ Want exactly is the Turnbull government proposing?

Blocking Migrants from non-English speaking backgrounds from PR

  • Introducing a conversational english language test for all migrants seeking to apply for Permanent Residency
  • These changes would affect thousands of migrants, and unfairly targets migrants from a non-English speaking background

Discriminatory changes to Citizenship Requirements

  • Quaroupling the waiting period for Permanent Residents from 1 to 4 years before they are eligible to access Citizenship and full rights.
  • Implementing a discriminatory english language test that once again explicitly blocks out migrants from non-English speaking backgrounds
  • Tripling the cost of citizenship applications for migrant widows and pensioners.

Changes to Family Reunion Visas

  • Charging migrants up to $20,000 in order to bring a loved one over to Australia on a temporary parent visa.

Axing Migrant Income Support

  • Block migrants from accessing vital income support measures available to all other Australians.
  • The provisions for this bill will mean people will have to wait a total of four years before accessing Paid Parental Leave, Family Tax benefits, Carer allowance and a host of other social security payments.
  • These new measures will risk forcing 66,000 migrant families into poverty and make it harder for an additional 47,000 migrant individuals to build their lives.

+ Will my MP or Senator mind if I send them an email?

MPs and Senators are obligated to listen to feedback from their constituents – it is essentially part of their job! They have phone lines and email addresses available publically for community members to contact them.

Our communities make up 25% of the population –that means politicians should be hearing from us, instead of listening to a minority of Hanson voters. We have every right to call our local politicians and tell them we expect them not to discriminate against non-English speaking migrants.