Police Accountability in Victoria

While politicians like Minister for Immigration and Home Affairs Peter Dutton are busy encouraging people to fear the very presence of our communities on the street, undeniable evidence of migrant and Aboriginal men being bashed by police has surfaced.1,2

Horrific footage of a Sudanese man being brutally bashed by Victorian police is making headlines across the country only days after CCTV footage was released of multiple police officers punching a disabled pensioner in Preston.3

We know police violence happens to our communities, but we rarely get proof like this and an opportunity to seek justice.

Currently, police in Victoria review misconduct themselves. And the system obviously isn’t working.

Without independent investigation of police brutality, how can our communities trust the police?

The Victorian Government is holding a Parliamentary Inquiry into whether we need a completely independent body to investigate complaints and instances just like these. And they’re set to make a decision in a matter of weeks.

It is the perfect opportunity for thousands of us to demand change.

We need to show that all of our communities deserve to be treated equally and without violence before the law.

Can you sign the petition calling on the Andrews government to establish an independent investigation of police brutality in Victoria?

We must make sure there are real consequences for racially motivated violence and unchecked use of force.

[1] ‘A violent crime, a brutal police response’, The Age, 3 April 2018.
[2] ‘Drunk, disorderly – and slammed head-first into a cell door’, The Age, 4 April 2018.
[3] ‘Beaten, abused, humiliated and filmed by Victoria Police’, The Age, 2 April 2018.