Australia's Migration Program is Broken

We need to move back towards the migration system we used to have, where people came to this country to build a life for themselves and were treated the same as everyone else. 

Can you sign the petition and call on Parliament to make our migration program one that's driven by equality, fairness and stability?
While John Howard was Prime Minister, our migration program has changed significantly. 

Howard dramatically reduced the ability for migrants to move to Australia and live here permanently.

Not only that, he moved our country towards a vast 'guest-worker' temporary migration program that leaves migrants bouncing from visa to visa, easily exploited and underpaid, and unable to reunite with their family.

It was a dramatic shift that went largely unnoticed — and has changed our migration program for the worse. 

By signing the petition, we can call on Parliament to reintroduce a system that supports people if they chose to build a life in Australia.

+ What exactly has the government been proposing?

Blocking Migrants from non-English speaking backgrounds from PR

  • Introducing a conversational english language test for all migrants seeking to apply for Permanent Residency
  • These changes would affect thousands of migrants, and unfairly targets migrants from a non-English speaking background

Discriminatory changes to Citizenship Requirements

  • Quadroupling the waiting period for Permanent Residents from 1 to 4 years before they are eligible to access Citizenship and full rights.
  • Implementing a discriminatory english language test that once again explicitly blocks out migrants from non-English speaking backgrounds
  • Tripling the cost of citizenship applications for migrant widows and pensioners.

Axing Migrant Social Securities

  • Block migrants from accessing vital income support measures available to all other Australians.
  • The provisions for this bill will mean people will have to wait a total of four years before accessing Newstart, concession cards and low-income health care cards
  • People will also need to wait two years before accessing Paid Parental Leave, carer payments and a host of other social security payments.