Multicultural communities call on all Australian parliamentarians to speak out against racial targeting of African-Australian communities.

Racism is on the rise in Australia.1

As members of diverse Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, multicultural, and faith communities, this directly affects our lives and our safety.

We are deeply concerned to see Australian-African communities come under fire from politicians and the media in politically motivated attacks.

For too long, our communities have been targeted for political gain. An attack on one of us is an attack on all.

Racist scapegoating of our communities undermines Australia’s multicultural society by generating ill-informed public debate, inciting racist abuse and harassment in our streets and online, and increasing the discrimination we face.

Politicians have a responsibility to represent all Australians, and to remember that we too are Australian.

[1] Andrew Markus, (2016) 'Mapping Social Cohesion: The Scanlon Foundation Surveys 2016', Monash University.