family reunion win!

Migrant communities across Australia came together and sent a clear message that we opposed cruel changes to family reunion visas

Thanks to Colour Code members and thousands of migrant communities across the country, we won!

The government has backed down after Labor joined the Greens in committing to strike down the changes in the Senate.

But we’ll need the Greens, Labor and the cross bench to continue to stand alongside us to push back against the government’s citizenship changes and extremely expensive temporary parent visas.

Just as important as voicing our concerns is letting politicians know when they are making the right decisions to support our communities.

Show Labor and the Greens how important their support is to our communities by sending them a message on Facebook or Twitter below.
These changes would have doubled the amount of money a person needed to earn to reunite with a family member in Australia, only allowing the very wealthy to be close with their loved ones.

We have clearly proven that when we stand together, we are powerful.

We need to continue to come together to fight racism whenever it occurs. Whether it's on the sports ground, in our schools and universities, in our workplaces, or in our national parliament.