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Support Temporary Migrants during COVID-19 crisis

Right now, over 1 million people in Australia aren't getting the help they need to get through the coronavirus crisis.1 In fact, they're being given an impossible decision – chip away at your retirement savings, or get out of the country.2

The Government is still excluding people on temporary visas from coronavirus support. Which means those of us on temporary visas can't access income support if we lose our jobs and don't have full access to Medicare if we fall sick. Many of us also face losing our visas, being told the leave the country – with no way out.
In this crisis, so many in our communities are facing intense hardship – from the chef who lost his job and is struggling to pay rent, to elderly grandparents who came to look after their newborn grandson, and can't return home. The refugee whose successful small business has gone under and can't get support, to the thousands of New Zealand families struggling to make ends meet.2,3,4,5

We can't let this continue. In the last few weeks, the Government has made sweeping changes to support workers and people through the coronavirus crisis.
Our communities should not be left behind.

Can you add your name and call for full access to Medicare, income support and an amnesty on visa renewals for all temporary migrants NOW?
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During this crisis everyone needs support, regardless of where we've come from, or what visa we hold.

We call on the government to give full access to Medicare, income support and visa amnesties for all temporary migrants.

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