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Make sure you can vote this Federal election!

For far too long migrant and multicultural communities' votes have not counted because many of us are either not enrolled to vote, or don't know how the Australian voting system works.1

When our communities don't vote, or vote properly, the issues that matter to us, our families and communities, are not taken seriously. But we can change that.

On May 18 every citizen in this country will have the power to elect representatives to Australia's Parliament in Canberra. These representatives will decide what happens to all of us for the next 3 years.

Federal Government make decisions every day that impact our lives. In just the last 3 years, they have increased the costs of overseas parent visas – so only small numbers of people can afford to reunite with their family – and tried to destroy the only legal protection against discrimination towards our communities in workplaces, schools and public services.2,3

The Federal Government have a big influence in our communities, and elections are one of the effective ways we can influence them.

To make sure your voice is heard this Federal election - you must vote, and vote properly. But you only have till April 18 to enrol to vote.

Enter your details for information on your eligibility to vote and on how you can vote on the issues that matter to us.
Your vote in the Federal election can decide if Governments will introduce policies that help us or create more barriers in our lives. Community members of Colour Code have put together a list of policy areas that affect us and our families the most - and will be asking every political party and politician whether they are prepared to support these policies.

Migrant and First Nations community members are calling for every candidate and political party to:

  • Oppose associating or partnering with extreme racist groups known for violence against people because of the colour of their skin, or the language they speak such as Reclaim Australia; or – explicit discrimination against migrant groups such as Pauline Hanson's One Nation party (who have called for discrimination against people from China and other backgrounds).
  • Commit to not singling out or targeting our communities on the basis of race, culture, religion, or language.
  • Reverse the changes made that will exclude migrants from accessing vital safety nets like income support, paid parental leave and other support services that are available to all other Australians.
  • Ensure that migrant families are allowed family reunion, to stop the separation of parents and children.
  • Support proper legal protections against racial discrimination at our workplace, in our schools and when we access public services.
  • Commit to multiculturalism and a diverse community.
  • Support putting First Nations Affairs in First Nations hands
  • Take action on deaths in custody, starting with a comprehensive audit of the implementation of the Royal Commission's recommendations.
  • End the Northern Territory Intervention.
  • End the racist and punitive Community Development Program.
  • Restore critical funding partnerships between state and federal governments for remote Aboriginal community housing.
  • Oppose the introduction of expensive and confusing English-language tests and delaying waiting times for Australian citizenship.
  • Support and commit to implement the 'Medi-vac Bill' which instituted a process to allow detainees offshore to be transferred to the Australian mainland for medical treatment and assessment at the behest of a panel of Australian doctors.
  • Support the full evacuation of all those refugees and people seeking asylum held on Nauru and Manus Island for over 5 years to safety in Australia or an equivalent third country.
  • Implement programs that will ensure fair representation of people from non-English speaking backgrounds in Parliament, Government, and the media.
  • Reject attempts to introduce or strengthen rules in the Migration Act which will see one punishment applied to those who were born in Australia, and tougher punishments applied to both kids and adults born outside of Australia who have made this country their home.
  • End the exploitative temporary migration program that leaves migrants bouncing from visa to visa, highly vulnerable to unscrupulous employers, underpaid, and unable to reunite with their families - and instead re-introduce the permanent migration program on which Australia's national reputation was built.

Making sure you are able to vote in the Federal election, and voting properly, is the best way to get these important policies implemented.
Everyone is required by law to enrol if they are an Australian citizen and 18 years of age or older.
The Federal election is on May 18

You will only have until April 18 to enrol to vote. You should enrol as soon as possible so you don't miss out.

Even if you have not enrolled before, you can do it any point and you will not be fined.

But to make sure your voice is heard this Federal election - you must vote, and vote properly.
  1. 'Analysis of informal voting', Australian Electoral Commission, 15 March 2016
  2. 'Poorer migrants hit by double income requirement for family visas', SBS, 27 April 2018
  3. 'Groups call for protecting Sections 18C and 18D of discrimination act', SBS, 11 November 2016


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