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Migrants wait 56 years

Defend our family reunions

Once again the Liberal party is refusing to listen to our needs, and have announced a cut to the number of family reunion visas available to migrant communities. 1,2

According to Senate estimates, the current wait times for non-contributory parents is more than 30 years, and other family members can wait up to 56 years.

Last year we were able to join together to succesfully stop the Coalition government doubling the cost of parent visas. It's time to do it again.

If our communities come together during this eletion period, we can send a message to all political parties that we oppose any policies that keep our families apart.

Can you sign the petition and call on Scott Morrison and the Liberal party to overturn their decision?

  1. "Parent visa hopes crushed as Australia demands sponsors earn more", SBS, 28 April 2018.
  2. "Migrants may have to wait 56 years to bring their families to Australia", SBS, 11 April 2019.


The Liberal has announced they will cut the number of family reunion and parent visas in the latest budget.

This change unfairly disrupts families and prevents thousands of people from reuniting with their loved ones.

We call on the Liberal party to overturn their decision, disallow the measure, and introduce initiatives to make it easier to bring family members to Australia.

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